Monday, July 17, 2017

Mystery Reader Monday

Sorry about the delay between our memory posts.  The beautiful summer weather got to me and I spent most of the last week relaxing by the lake!

In addition to the previously posted mystery reader pictures, here are more Room 112 family and friends that visited us and shared some of their favorite books.  This year was extra special for the kids because we were able to not only listen to moms and dads, but grandparents, aunts, siblings and family friends!  Thank you again to all those that were able to share their love of reading with us this year!  I apologize if I missed taking anyone's picture when they read.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Did you we were visited by Lucky the Leprechaun in Room 112!?!?

We knew there was one in Harlan because we saw security footage from that morning showing a leprechaun climbing through the window and look around an upstairs classroom!  Later, we came back from PE to find our room a total mess!  Things were knocked over, spilled, broken and left all over the room!  Upon further inspection, we noticed little green footprints everywhere...on desks, animal tanks, bulletin boards...even the bathroom!

Then we noticed our first clue on the board!

This took us on a scavenger hunt to find the leprechaun, catch him and get his pot of gold!

We went to the office...

where the next clue sent us to the media center...

then to the front doors of the school...

off to the lunch room...

outside to the playground...

and finally back to our classroom where we found...NOTHING!  

We were so disappointed!  We were sure that we were going to catch that leprechaun.

After all that running around, we needed a break!  We decided to sit quietly and listen to a story before we made our next plan to catch the leprechaun.

You will never guess what happened next!  While I was sitting and reading in Big Comfy, I was having a hard time getting comfortable.  The kids even noticed how I kept moving around.  After a few minutes I had to know why the chair felt so lumpy.  When I lifted the cushion, we all screamed as dozens of gold coins came spilling out!  We found it!  The gold was ours!

Hidden in the pile of gold was a letter.  It said that if we were reading the note, we must have found the gold!  Unfortunately, it also said that the leprechaun was long gone at that point.  He was on his way to Disney World!  He even asked us if we knew how tall he would have to be to ride It's a Small World!

At least we all got a share of the gold and a great story to tell!

Tomorrow's post...Surprise!  Could your family be joining us in Room 112?!?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Special Days Saturday

Day three of our first grade memories brings us pictures from some of the special days we shared this past year!

In October, we had the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum join us in Room 112 to help us with a science investigation based on the states of matter.  We had a great time putting what we had been learning about solids, liquids and gases in class into a hands-on experiment!  Here we are mixing different solids and liquids together to create slime!

In November, we learned all about the election process including voting on a special day presented by the teachers.  In the past I had sent the pictures from the teacher debates and the voting booth, but here we are enjoying the winner...Beach Day!  This special day included a great beach-themed snack, a towel read-in and the best beach ball dance party the world has ever seen!

In December, we learned all about winter and New Year's traditions around the world.  Each first grader received plane tickets and we traveled to different places over two weeks!  We collected treasures along the way in our suitcases and put a flag sticker from the countries we visited!

We made Hagmanay bags from Scotland and practiced being first footers...

We visited France and made king cakes with a special prize "baked" into one of the slices...

We flew to Japan and created wish postcards to send into the air inside balloons...

We went to Germany and made our own "marzipan" pigs for good luck...

We collected lucky round fruits in the Philippines...

And even though I can't find any pictures, we also had an amazing time celebrating the Thailand water tradition of Songkran - complete with a water dance party and releasing live "wish" fish to symbolize starting a new beginning!

In March, we did several author studies, including Dr. Seuss!  We even celebrated his birthday by enjoying a snack of green eggs and ham with a dash of Suess salt!  (This dessert variation was made with vanilla pudding, green food coloring, Nilla wafers and sprinkles)

I will always remember the amazing surprise birthday party that the children threw for me at the end of May!  They did a great job of keeping it a secret!

Mr. Price did an amazing job on Field Day this year!  We were exhausted after all that exercise...good thing we ended the day with Popsicles and watching the 5th grade challenge!

Finally, one of the most special days we had all year was getting to see our friend who moved to a new state earlier in the year!  We had so much fun Skipping with her, asking her questions about her new school and meeting her new puppy!  We missed you, Happy!

Tomorrow's memories are all about a mystery visitor, his mischievous behavior, a scavenger hunt and a hidden treasure!  Stay tuned!